Tom Sexton’s​ new EP, Lets Roll + Tom Sexton’s​ new EP, Population 2, is a collection of country rock songs by some of Nashville’s best songwriters and players. But it’s the voice that carries the collection’s fervor and message.

Sexton's vocal influences include Ronnie Dunn, The Eagles, Dwight Yoakam, Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison, artists whose storytelling and styles deliver depth and passion. As mentors, those artists provided a creative process and bravado. But in selecting songs for ​The Best Night, Tom focused on lyrics: “A good country song doesn’t need interpretation”, Sexton says, “because the lyrics resonate with the ‘real’, not surreal.”

Tom wasn’t always a musician; his first loves were acting and comedy. A Midwest kid, with stops in Boulder, CO, Los Angeles and Nashville, experience has given The Best Night​ plenty of content breadth, and with Sexton’s storytelling vocals, it’s well-worth a listen.